This Saturday is the annual booster car wash!

Carwash Flyer – 2018

Greetings Parents and Guardians of the Glenbard North Theatre Students!

We are off to a great start as we work on our Fall Studio: The Infinite Wrench and the Fall Play: Feathers and Teeth. The students are very excited to show you what they are working on!
We need your help with finding some special props for Feathers and Teeth:
•Refrigerator and stove/oven (Harvest Gold or Avocado) — You remember those colors from the 70’s. If you have either of these but not in those colors and you do not mind, can we paint them? These do NOT need to work.
•Rotary wall phone- – also a heinous 70s color, or if you do not want it back we can just paint it.
•National Geographics from 1978 or before.
ALSO: This Saturday is the annual booster carwash! See attached flyer! The students were given five tickets to sell for $5 a piece and should sell them by Friday, or return any unsold tickets/cash to the 1416 mailbox.
If people want to pay for them with a credit card, they may do so at where we also sell our tickets!
Speaking of tickets, tickets for both plays are now available for purchase online also at
Please share ticket sales and carwash info with others to help support our Theatre Booster Organization!
Thank you for your support!


Carwash Flyer – 2018

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