UPDATED INFO 2019-7-27

Glenbard North Theatre has been selected to host the All State rehearsals for the January 2020 Theatre Fest performance. This is an exciting time for GB District 87 theatre students and staff. Please join the festivities while providing us the assistance GBN Theatre will need during this time.

We are in need of Weekend Warrior volunteers to spearhead a weekend. You may choose one weekend or multiple weekends to put others to work. Create project leaders and assign volunteer groups for the selected time frame: organize volunteers, contact food vendors, plan food deliveries and/or pick-up meals. We are estimating 6-8 volunteers per meal to assist with set-up, serving and clean up. Both lunch and dinner will be provided. Even if you choose to volunteer one day, one meal – we appreciate the time you are willing to give. Retired Theatre Teachers and students from ISU are interested in volunteering. THS members / students are encouraged to volunteer.

We are in need of local area restaurants to either discount or donate a lunch or dinner for approximately 120 persons. This business will go into each GBN performance playbill for the 2019-2020 school year as a donator to GBN Theatre. (FREE advertising)

This is a phenomenal opportunity for theatre parents to volunteer and work together with students and staff. This is a budgeted event; we seek only volunteers and no monetary donations. Weekly workshops can be broken into 2 – 3 segments if necessary.


August Workshop Week August 6-10, 2019
September Weekend August 30-September 2, 2019
October Weekend October 11-14, 2019
November Weekend November 29-December 1, 2019
Winter Break Weekend January 3-5, 2020


Please review your calendars and contact Mr. King with your availability.

Mr. Nathan King 630-653-7000


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