This Saturday is the annual booster car wash!

Carwash Flyer – 2018

Greetings Parents and Guardians of the Glenbard North Theatre Students!

We are off to a great start as we work on our Fall Studio: The Infinite Wrench and the Fall Play: Feathers and Teeth. The students are very excited to show you what they are working on!
We need your help with finding some special props for Feathers and Teeth:
•Refrigerator and stove/oven (Harvest Gold or Avocado) — You remember those colors from the 70’s. If you have either of these but not in those colors and you do not mind, can we paint them? These do NOT need to work.
•Rotary wall phone- – also a heinous 70s color, or if you do not want it back we can just paint it.
•National Geographics from 1978 or before.
ALSO: This Saturday is the annual booster carwash! See attached flyer! The students were given five tickets to sell for $5 a piece and should sell them by Friday, or return any unsold tickets/cash to the 1416 mailbox.
If people want to pay for them with a credit card, they may do so at where we also sell our tickets!
Speaking of tickets, tickets for both plays are now available for purchase online also at
Please share ticket sales and carwash info with others to help support our Theatre Booster Organization!
Thank you for your support!


Carwash Flyer – 2018

GBN Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes – August 27th, 2018

2018-2019 proposed budget

Meeting called to Order:  6:57pm Patty

Prior Meeting Minutes Approved:  Violetta approved, Lori seconds

Attendance:  Patty Glade, Nicole Andrews, Violetta Paunova, Lori Kent, Barbara Forsner, Brian Forsner, Mr. King, various parents from Info Meeting


President’s Report:  2018-2019 Executive Members Introduced


Faculty Report:  Mr. King: 124 students for fall play, closer to 135 students.  Additional staff member requested.  There may not be many technical needs this year but more professional assistance will be hired to help students.  Huge freshman this class with  lots of new members in general.


Treasure’s Report:  Violetta Paunova: Some final income numbers from last year:  Memberships=$380+Premier $1200 = $1580; concessions=$2122 – supplies = $1162.04, 50/50 raffle= $1448-$28.02=$1419.98, Fundraisers + Carwash = $3014.43 Misc. Donations= $925.  Flash drives 2017 purchase = $867 – sold $348.

2017/2018 – Final spent $10,419., generated $9,487.00

2018/2019 Starting bank $4200.

Proposed budget will be voted on at the next meeting.


Fundraising:  Lori Kent – First food fundraiser will be at Culvers, Monday 10/1 from 5-8pm.  Culvers offers a smaller percentage return but all customer sales are included in timeframe. Car Wash this year will again include all theatre participants – 9/15/18 ticket sales.  Additional food fundraisers are being planned/coordinated around each performance.  Ford drive fundraiser again in the Spring.


Concessions:   Lisa Oswald: Brunch every Saturday of dress rehearsal.  First brunch, 9/22 – food list will be created.  E-mails will go out asking for donations.  Initial e-mail will go to booster members that checked yes for brunch.  Also need concessions and 50/50 workers.


Scholarship:  Violetta Paunova:  $1000 Theatre Booster scholarship being offered again this year.  The scholarship is broken down into two scholarships at $500.00 each, parent needs to be booster member before January 1 of 2019 for this years recipients.


Membership:  Nicole Andrews: Theatre Booster membership form was available in the registration packets.  Difference between regular member and premier member – premier receives 2 tickets for each performance and is mentioned in the playbill.  Money collect from memberships goes back into the theatre budget to support the kids.


Web Page:  Brian Forsner:  Needs image assets for this year’s productions jpegs or pings.  Link to the membership form via GBN/Parent/Theatre/Memberships now working properly, Brian will fix it.


Old News: none to discuss


New Business:  Carwash, used to be THS only, now open to all theatre students.  Great fun!  Boosters provide Pizza. Boosters made about $1800 last year. There will be 5 tickets per student at $5 each.  CSYA football plays that day!!! –


Next Booster Meeting:   10/15 @ 6:30 room 1414


Called to Adjourn:   7:18pm Patty.

Welcome Back Theater Parents!

Welcome Back Theater Parents and Welcome to all the new parents who are joining us this year!  We have four wonderful productions for your students to participate in and we have many opportunities for all of the parents to support the boosters with.


Our first Parent interest meeting with our first Booster meeting immediately following will be Monday, August 27th.  These meeting will be held in the Little Theater starting at 6:00pm.


Thank you for joining and supporting our Theatre Boosters.



Patty Glade

Theatre Boosters President

GBN Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes – May 14th, 2018


May 14, 2018


Meeting called to Order: Patty @6:33 pm

Secretary Report: Barbara


President’s Report: Patty – Barbara, seconded by Violetta.

Successful year, Patty thanked each of us for being on the board and we are looking forward to more success next year.

Slate:  Patty/Pres, Nicole Andrews (Tahlia) / Vice President, Secretary – Barbara, Treasurer – Violetta (executive board).


Faculty Report: Mr. King – Stressful year, could not have done it without the boosters.  Kid’s artistry reached a new level, along with their stress level – they are stronger for it.  Record number participated this year – 209 students.  Mr. King is requesting a 5th staff member.  Mr. O’Brien is leaving us as he agreed to one year only.  L

GBN’s 50th year – all theatre programs are on the bulletin board.

2018-2019 Plays:

Infinite Wrench – 30 plays in 60 minutes – one pizza for entire audience.

Two student directors to help guide actors. Students write from their own perspective – factual.

Hiring a theatre company to assist.  Audience picks order, come back second night to see remainder.


Festival consideration:  Feathers and Teeth – going creepy…..humorous.  Live sound effects.  Fight choreographer.


Ordinary People – drama, working closely with school psychologists and admin to make learning a moment. This will be a great opportunity for the kids to talk about mental health and not feel affects.


Marie Antoinette – story of rise and fall, of Marie.  Contemporary language will be cleaned up for families.  Costume fun!  Fight choreographer.


Treasure’s Report:  Jennifer – made about 2k on Legally Blonde concessions and 50/50 raffle. Almost 5k, Legally Blonde lights to be deducted. ($4032)  We are waiting on test drive fundraiser.  5k to start to 2018-2019 – about average.

Jenn also managed new memberships.


Committee Reports:

Fundraising:  Joe cotton fundraiser, turned out well and Music plus post prom.  Approx. $1000/ $3000 max.

Potbelly’s fundraiser will be added, waiting on the check as well.  July create budget for next year

And close books.

Concessions:  Jennifer – Lisa Oswald chairing concessions and volunteers for next year.  Keep sign-up genius and change passwords….students liked Legally Blonde brunch served later but wanted breakfast.  IMO, provide both breakfast and lunch items.

Memberships:  vacant –

Scholarship: Violetta – will continue next year.  Winners this year:  Daniel Frusolone and Pooja Chaprak

Web Page: Brenda – Brian Forsner taking over web support.  Work with Mr. King, logo’s shows, etc.  Domain expires February 2019.  How often and frequent are changes?  Each play, text changes, announcements, fund raisers, photo share.  Brian is going to make the website launch rockets.


Old News: not any from last meeting.


New Business:  New committee chairs to bring forward, Lisa Oswald/concessions, Brian Forsner website, Lori Kent/fundraisers, Violetta / scholarships.  Lori is going to work with Music boosters to get a feel for food fundraisers.  Cartwright needs to know so they can be spread out.  Try to get one at the end of each production so flyer can be put into playbill.  Summer??? Good idea!


Present Executive board for 2018-2019:  Patty/President, Nicole / Vice President, Barbara / Secretary, Violetta/Treasurer.

Vote accepted.


Nicole can take on memberships.   Mr. King requested editing privileges to correct e-mail addresses.

Incoming freshman parent night – last year shared a table.   We want to do that again this year.   Provide info that theatre is not just about actors but also about stage craft, lighting, and sound.


Next Booster Meeting:  Fall 2018-2019


Called to Adjourn: 7:26PM

Attendance: Mr. King, Patty Glade, Violeta Paunova, Lori Kent, Barbara Plese, Brian Forsner, Jenn O’Connell, Nicole Andrews