Meeting called to Order:  4/6/2020 6:42 PM by Nicole.   Meeting hosted on Google Meet due to COVID-19 stay-at-home order.  Lori volunteered to capture notes in Barbara’s absence. Prior Meeting Minutes Approved:  Not yet distributed or posted to website. Attendance:   Nathan King, Nicole Andrews, Christine Housour, Violeta Paunov, Tina DiVarco, Mary Ellen Graf, Ronnie Bakir, Lori […]

Meeting called to Order:  7:09PM Prior Meeting Minutes  Approved:  Lori, Barbara Attendance:   Ronnie, Lori, Violeta, Brian Mr. King, Mary Ellen, Christine, Tina, Karen, Nicole, Angela President’s Report:  Nicole received notification that the Secretary of State was going to dissolve the GBN TB.  Upon further research, Nicole found that the SoS did not have correct contact […]

THEATRE BOOSTER MEETING MINUTES January 12, 2020 Meeting called to Order:  6:32pm by Nicole         Prior Meeting Minutes  Approved:  Violetta, Nicole 2nd Attendance: Nicole, Violetta, Tina, Lori, Mary Ellen, Barbara President’s Report:  Nicole acquired the two additional permits for the 50/50 Raffle needed for the last two productions. Faculty Report:  Mr. King could not be in […]

THEATRE BOOSTER MEETING MINUTES Meeting called to Order:  12/9/2019 6:35 PM CT Prior Meeting Minutes Approved:           Nicole Andrews, Mary Ellen Graf Attendance:       Nicole Andrews, Mary Ellen Graf, Ronnie Bakir, Nathan King, Christine Housour, Lori Kent, Violeta Paunova President’s Report:  Nicole 50/50 raffle – There is no fee (unless you need rush) an 3 permits […]

Meeting called to Order:  6:35 by Nicole Prior Meeting Minutes  Approved:  Violeta, Tina 2nd Attendance:  Nicole, Violeta, Lori, Barbara, Mary Ellen Graf, Ronnie Bakir, Tina President’s Report:  Mr. King not in attendance today.  Great start to the year with “Mary Girard”.  It was a small production but went very well.  Twelfth Night brunch is scheduled […]

Please see attached meeting minutes (approved) for 2019-8-26. Meeting called to Order:  7:10pm by Nicole                         Prior Meeting Minutes  Approved:  Barbara, Violeta 2nd Attendance:  Nicole, Violeta, Lori, Brian, Tina President’s Report:  Nicole welcomed back returning parents and thanked them.  She welcomed new parents who stayed for the meeting after first Theatre Intro meeting of the year.  […]