Meeting minutes for 1/23/2017

Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes

January 23rd 2017

6:40pm Janet calls Meeting to Order-

Presidents Report: Janet

Pizza party was a success, thank you to all who helped that evening. Theatre fest went well. A student from a different school sent an email expressing how much they enjoyed Smokefall. Janet shred the email message to the board.
Mr. Barone’s Report:

Shared a note from Mr. King “Theatre Fest was a great success. Thank you to all who supported the pizza party, it was a great night.” Mr. Barone stated that Blithe Spirit show is on track. Online orders for tickets of Blithe Spirit is up and running. There will be a surcharge of 1.00 for credit card purchases.  March 17th is a production called One Night Only. This event is considered a Dinner and a Show, it is a musical revue/showcase for all students. Tickets will be selling in February at $20.00
Treasures Report: Jennifer

We have received the new exception letter from the IRS. The beginning balance of the account is $  , with expenses and deposits the bank balance is currently $  .

Secretary Report: Patty

Meeting minutes were approved by Barbara and seconded by Jennifer


Fundraising: Brenda

As of the meeting time, there was no check sent from Menchies. Come spring, we would like to revisit the fundraiser with Menchies. MOD Pizza will be the next fundraiser. The date will be February 22nd.

Concessions: Jennifer

January concessions made $41.00 Email has been sent to ask for help with the brunch and concessions for Blithe Spirit.
Scholarship: Barb Forsner

Information for the scholarship will be out at the end of March.

Web Page: Simon

Simon will talk with Brenda directly about taking over this position for the next year.

Old News:

None to report.

New Information:

There was a motion made by Diana Lantz. She proposed to change the signature process on all check signing, from a 2 person signature to a 1 person signature.  Any and all discussion, plus voting on this motion will be on the agenda for the next meeting.
Next Booster Meeting is March 6th  @ 6:30pm in Room 1414
7:34 pm Jennifer moved to adjourn, Diana seconded
In attendance for January 23rd  meeting:

Barbara Forsner, Jennifer O’Connell, Kathie Bender, Janet Berger, David Barone,

Diana Lantz, Patty Glade, Brenda Lyman, Jennifer Flynn

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