Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes – May 15th 2017

Hello Everyone,
Posted below are the minutes from our last Meeting in May.
Boosters is still looking to fill the following positions for this year:
Vice President and Fundraiser Chair.
If you are interested please contact Patty Glade at
Thank you,
Patty Glade


Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes–May 15th 2017

6:35pm Janet calls Meeting to Order-

Secretary Report: Patty

Last month’s minutes were approved with the motion made by Jennifer and seconded by Barb.

Presidents Report: Janet

Ballyhoo was a great success, with a great storyline and a wonderful job done by all students and staff. Ford fundraiser has not yet donated the funds raised and we will report as soon as we receive a check. Any and all receipts need to be submitted for payment so we can close the books. Thank you to all parents and boosters for a very successful year.

Mr. King’s Report:

Strike is still in process for Ballyhoo. There is lots of cleaning and emptying in the theater area due to the construction that will be happening over the summer. Last Friday was THS picnic. The students were talking about making the picnic a BBQ for next year. This past year was very artistically successful. Lots of new things have been tried and have succeeded. Brunches are a great gift for the students. This helps with time management on a very busy and productive day. Thank you for raising money for scholarship. Thank you for supportive parents. Kids are awesome to work with. Next year we will have a large fall studio play and a large musical. Refreshments need to be kept quiet. No crunchy snacks or loud bags, maybe put food into small cups? We will start a conversation with Laura Wilkens for a possibility to collaborate foods class with theatre productions.

Treasures Report: Jennifer

Still need to write checks for scholarship recipients. We are still waiting on money to come in from fundraiser. Balance in checkbook is $4,729.34. Barb volunteered to audit the checkbook for this past year with the support of Jennifer Flynn.


Fundraising: Brenda

McAlister’s has committed to a fundraiser for next year. More information is to follow. No other fundraisers for this year and we are in need of a fundraiser chairperson.

Concessions: Jennifer

$175.00 was made on concessions for the last performance. Will ask Jeff Berger if he might be interested in taking pictures and creating cd’s for next year. We will check with Cathy Clemens (previous booster member) about how she created large candy bars with cast and crew photo attached, for sale with next years musical. All remaining candy from this year will be donated to THS.

Scholarship: Barb Forsner

Two students have been selected to receive $500.00 scholarships each. Next year we will need to order a new plaque for the wall of fame.

Web Page: Simon

He has talked with Brenda and all information has been passed to her.

Old News:

Discussion about changing the by-laws.

New Information:

Change of the by-laws was officially put to a vote. 8 voting members were in attendance. 7 votes to approve the change of the by-laws, 1 opposed. Vote passed to no longer have two signatures on check writing. The complete wording of the official by-laws have been posted in previous minutes. The signed and dated new by-laws will be copied and each officer will receive a copy for their binders.

New Business:

Nominated Officers for 2017-2018 Board. Patty Glade, President; Barbara Forsner, Secretary; Jennifer   O’Connell; Treasurer. Simon motion to approve, Kathy approved, Jen seconded.

7:48 pm Kathy moved to adjourn, Barb seconded

In attendance for May 15th meeting: Jennifer O’Connell, Janet Berger, Nathan King, Patty Glade, Brenda Lyman, Simon Silva, Kathy Bender, Jen Flynn, Barbara Forsner, Kelly Sheridan, Dawn P.

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