Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes–August 28th, 2017

Meeting called to Order: Patty @6:40

Secretary Report: Barbara

President’s Report: Patty

Theatre Boosters meet on average once monthly. You can join Boosters on website and sign-up to receive e-mail notifications. Last meeting minutes (2016-2017) will be approved at our next meeting October.

Executive team introductions: President – Patty, Jenn O’Connel – treasurer, Barbara Plese – secretary, Jenn Flynn – concessions, Brenda – website. We are looking to fill VP, committee chairs – fund raising, senior scholarship – $500 x 2 last year, membership chair – verify member info and get word out to attract additional members. Concessions – we always need volunteers to assist at each show.

Faculty Report: Mr.King – Love Sic and Elephant Man tickets up for sale now through next Wednesday for Booster Members, after Wednesday ticket sales will open to general public.

110 kids signed up, not all turned in their on-line form so that number could go up. Huge # of Freshman.

Mr. Baroni resigned last Friday to focus on his home family. He will be missed. Mr. Obrien has taken on tech director for this year only. Ms. Vareen moved over to GB West and GBN hired David Nielsen in her stead. David volunteered all last year. His technical focus is in lighting and sound. Mr. King will Direct all plays, while Mr. Obrien will build all the sets.

Studio brunch – 10AM, need date.

Treasure’s Report: Jennifer – starting with $5K. Jenn will handle membership monies. Lots of new members tonight.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: companies – matching donation program? Playbill advertisement?

501C3 – tax deductible.  Andrew Dumovich showed interest in heading up Fundraising. Mary Frusoline suggested utilizing GBN print shop to create logo and screen print shirts for theatre – speak with MR. Weber.

Concessions: Jennifer Flynn, run each night of performance. Studio – Tuesday 19th/Wednesday 20th.

Two people to handle concessions each night of performance. Mr. King is suggesting we find a way to sound proof concession food. Brunch – 2-3 weeks before hand during Tech week – Jenn will send out sign up sheet.

Scholarship: toward the end of the year.

Web Page: Brenda – graphic has been updated and welcome. E-mail is automatic – sign up for e-mails.

New Business:

Carwash – joe cotton ford – sell tickets – return # or unsold tickets. Kids provide labor for car wash. Meant for THS but would like to open up to all theatre students. Money raised for THS is used for ISU fest. Bus this year is $1300. Four tickets per THS student. Mrs. Cartwright/Karen Nielsen. Saturday, 9/30 – potentially good date for carwash / possibly 10/1- Sunday.

Ordering T-shirts come together with Music Boosters to support.

Photographer and parent photographs of stills of dress rehearsal…low on CD’s. Flashdrive – $5.48 – 4G 250 units.

Raffle baskets per play theme

Chocolate bars (are expensive) for the Musical, check with culinary department to find out if they would like to create something for Musical.

Next Booster Meeting: October 16, 6:30pm – Room 1414

Called to Adjourn: by Barbara Plese and Mrs. Navarrette seconded.

Attendance: Patty Glade, Barbara Forsner, Jenn O’Connell, Jenn Flynn, Brenda, Sue Loster, Mary Frusolone, Andrew Dumovich, Mary Ellen Graf, Jim Graf, Lori Navarrete, Violeta Paunova, Tina DiVarco, Lori Kent, Liz Goodin, Maryann Rodrigues, Jenny Castillo.

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