Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes December 4, 2017

Meeting called to Order: Patty @ 6:37

October meeting minutes – approved by Jenn O’Connell, Violet seconds.

President’s Report: Patty

Elephant Man went well. Remind seniors that parents must be Booster members by Jan 1, 2018 to be eligible for THS scholarship.

Student Report/Request: Demi Dumovich, THS officer, on behalf of THS requesting donation $1323.00 for bus transportation to Theatre Fest in January 2018. This donation alleviates the final installment made by students/parents. Bus donation was budgeted for 2017-2018 year. Unanimous vote- passed.

Faculty Report: Mr.King

Harvey – 10 more students in the production, lot of freshman. Anticipate, larger running crew – scenery and props for Brunch.

Elephant Man – well received sold 48% of house. Overspent 2% – budget based on 50% of house. Love sick – 76% of house sold.

Future – stage turntables to accommodate scene changes.

Tickets for Harvey – watch for e-mail, change to Booster member purchasing, online ticketing. Just for this one production.

Theatre Fest – one student on wait list, if student is not bumped onto the bus/trip – student will be refunded.

Treasure’s Report: Jennifer – October flash drive purchase expense $867 – sold 8 – need verify it was 11 sold.

Carwash – Additional $85 received in November. 2017-2018 carwash was opened up to all students not restricted to THS students. Concessions – $487 / Elephant Man; November reimbursed Elephant Man costume rental $1607.

November ending balance, 7231.99 – less $1323 Theatre Fest Bus = $5908.99

No fund raisers in the works for December. Few memberships.

Recap funds for each month provided.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: Panera $43.02

Looking to get into Potbellies in January. Demi provided that McAllister’s is very popular with students.

Concessions: Patty – need better $#’s for concessions. Brunch ran out of food. Better head count. 32 booster members on the list – 15 interested in concessions. 16 on the list to assist with Brunch. Maybe reach out to 16 on the list to find out what they would like to bring. Patty will reach out to Jenn to reach out.

Patty is going to replenish our food/drink supply.

Scholarship: Violeta has volunteered to chair scholarships. New deadline of March 1st – in line with all other school scholarships. Kim Munroe notified. Depending on number of applications received – determines if 1 or 2 will be awarded.

Membership: no committee chair. Need to start tickling brains to add parents to the board next year. Would be nice to have a full board next year. Demi – kids do not know enough about ‘board’. If kids knew more they could expand the knowledge to the parents. THS rep at every meeting so the office can go back and let theatre kids know what booster members do. One officer and one THS member to attend the meeting for observation. Thought….

Web Page: Brenda – Harvey files, waiting on logo

Old News: October meeting brought budget forward – bringing the budget to a vote for approval. Unanimous vote – budget approved.

Note: Jen O not here next year, bring cash box to zero end of 2018.

New Business:

Mr. Dumovich: Donation thermometer – jerseys, silent auction

Thermometer can be started anytime – bring it to next production to start funding for theatre fest 2018-2019.

Next Booster Meeting: January 22, 2018, 6:30pm – Room 1414

Called to Adjourn: 7:30pm – Patty

Attendance: Violeta Paunova, Andrew Dumovich, Patty Glade, Jenn O’Connell, Barb Forsner, Demi Dumovich representing THS Officers.

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