Theatre Booster Meeting Minutes January 22, 2018

Meeting called to Order: Patty @ 6:32

Secretary Report: Barbara

President’s Report: Patty

Last meeting minutes approved by Patty, second by Jenn O.

Nothing new to report from Patty. Working out the kinks in the e-mail addresses falling off correspondence.

Faculty Report: Mr. King

High stress levels with Tech week coming and ISA this week. Kids are maintaining a positive attitude.

Theatre Fest was a great success and lots of fun with great experiences. Next year “In The Heights” will be at Fest, lots of kids are interested in auditioning.

“Harvey” has a small cast with a large crew, 40-45 cast/crew for brunch on 2/3.

“Legally Blonde” – MTI, piloting new choreography system $399 get video instruction of original Broadway production from original artists. Includes, someone from original production assigned to instruct. Original director will be in Chicago same time as GBN’s production….. Asked Cali to choreograph Legally Blonde.

Lighting quote presented – within estimated budget.

Treasure’s Report: Jennifer O

Balance is $5948.99, no upcoming fund raisers.

Committee Reports:

Fundraising: box with thermometer quantity $1500

50/50 raffle – each night, pull winner – have kids do the pull at the end of show.

Research rules at Fundraiser regarding 21+over(gambling?)

Basket raffle for under21 students – hold and see what kind of feedback we get.

Concessions: Jennifer – Mary Fusilone – access water from mayor – for Brunch.

Hold any brunch water for concessions. Still food openings for Harvey Brunch, 2/3.

Patty double checking concessions items, will replenish as needed. Some new people to help with concessions. Legally blonde candy bars with cast photo print.

Scholarship: Nothing happening yet. Scholarships are now open to students to pick/choose.

Deadline is March 1st. Kim Munro – contact.

One new member in January.

Web Page: Brenda – could not attend.

Old News: received hand written thank you note to the boosters for Elephant Man costumes.

New Business: March 5th new parent guardian meeting at 6pm in little theatre.

Next Booster Meeting: March 5, 2018, 6:30pm – Room 1414

Called to Adjourn: 7:35pm

Attendance: Mr. King, Patty Glade, Jenn O’Connell, Barbara Forsner, Tina DiVarco, Violetta Paunova

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