2019-10-21 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to Order:  6:35 by Nicole

Prior Meeting Minutes  Approved:  Violeta, Tina 2nd

Attendance:  Nicole, Violeta, Lori, Barbara, Mary Ellen Graf, Ronnie Bakir, Tina

President’s Report:  Mr. King not in attendance today.  Great start to the year with “Mary Girard”.  It was a small production but went very well. 

Twelfth Night brunch is scheduled for November 9th.  Nicole welcomed Christine Hausour as Membership Chair and Mary Ellen Graf as Scholarship Chair.

Faculty Report:  No faculty in attendance at today’s meeting.

Treasure’s Report:   August End = $6210.27, September End = $8636.17.  Waiting on McAllister check – will be reflected in Oct2019

Fundraising:  Carwash was a huge success, bringing in $1581.  Mary Girard Taffy Apples sold 14/24.  50/50 raffle brought in $109.50

Discussed selling ice cream bars for Matilda – keeping them on dry ice and distributing after performance.

Concessions:    Mary Girard concession = $157.  Concession item purchase = $295.82.  Twelfth Night brunch is Nov 9th.  Lori will send out Sign Up Genius

                after going through dietary restrictions. 

Scholarship:  New Chair – Mary Ellen Graf

Membership:  New Chair – Christine Hausour

Web Page:  Nothing to report.

Old News: Proposed budget for the 2019 – 2020 school year was voted on and passed.

                All State Rehearsals are looking for additional parent help.

New Business:  THS Officer Chris Thalia, representing the GBN Theatre, presented today requesting Booster assistance with upcoming 2020 Theatre Fest.

                THS is requesting $1500 for bus rental (round trip) for students attending.  Our assistance will save each attending student $42.

                Request was voted on and approved.

Next Booster Meeting:   Dec 9th, 2019                  6:30pm    RM:1414

Called to Adjourn:   7:43pm by Nicole, Barbara 2nd.             

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