1/12/2020 Meeting Minutes


January 12, 2020

Meeting called to Order:  6:32pm by Nicole        

Prior Meeting Minutes  Approved:  Violetta, Nicole 2nd

Attendance: Nicole, Violetta, Tina, Lori, Mary Ellen, Barbara

President’s Report:  Nicole acquired the two additional permits for the 50/50 Raffle needed for the last two productions.

Faculty Report:  Mr. King could not be in attendance.  Reminder, he has requested $4400 for Matilda (musical).  $2500 was budgeted

Treasure’s Report:   December balance = $9914.36. McCallister check came in, Aida concession = $180 and $6 donation.

                End of year comparison:  2018 = (931.79) vs 2019 = $1810.22

Fundraising:  Portillos Wed, Jan 15th – flyer now up on website.

                Tina is looking into Village Tavern, Culvers and Panda Express

                Briefly discussed the idea of an ice cream truck?  Utilizing ice cream truck at the carwash?

Concessions:  Budgeted $500 / to-date expenses = $475 

                Almost Maine Brunch Saturday, Februay 8th

Scholarship:  Two $500 winners, will need at least 3 non-senior parents to determine winners.  

Membership:  Awaiting report back from Mr. Lopez regarding membership forms submitted vs payment

Web Page:  NO donations made via the web page

Old News:  Additional funds requested for Matilda will be voted on at the March 2nd Booster Meeting.

New Business:  Booster vacancies for the 2020-2021 school year should be posted to the website and communicated to non-senior students/parents prior to the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

Next Booster Meeting:   March 2nd, 2020

Called to Adjourn:   7:25pm   

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