3/2/2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to Order:  7:09PM

Prior Meeting Minutes  Approved:  Lori, Barbara

Attendance:   Ronnie, Lori, Violeta, Brian Mr. King, Mary Ellen, Christine, Tina, Karen, Nicole, Angela

President’s Report:  Nicole received notification that the Secretary of State was going to dissolve the GBN TB.  Upon further research, Nicole found that the SoS did not have correct contact information, was missing current reinstatement form and did not possess current THSB report.  Both Nicole and Violetta were in possession of appropriate documents and dates sent.  Due to this, Nicole paid out of pocket late fees to reinstate GBN TB.  Nicole will be reviewing and updating the President handbook.

Faculty Report:  Kids have been working very hard on One Night Only.  Matilda auditions have been fantastic.  Although less than 100 kids have applied (Legally Blonde applications – 175).

Treasure’s Report:   FEB2020:  include almost Maine $282 concessions, $208 50/50, $96 USB $100 memberships and $10 donation.

Portillo’s = $166.  Budget as of 2/29/2020 = $9302.24.

Discussed and approved to add the following to the ongoing budget:

One Night Only       $600

This line addition will appear in the 2020-2021 budget.

Fundraising:  Panera = $97.  March 27th fundraiser will be at Pizza Di Maria (carry out and delivery) 20%

Concessions:   After Almost Maine concessions cost = $600.  Approved purchasing baked goods for Matilda.

Scholarship:  Voting tonight.  Discovered that one (or more) scholarship essays were missing from the envelope.

Approved rescheduling the vote so to further research how many applicant essays might be missing.

Membership:  One premier/one standard

Web Page:  webpage up to date.  Suggested adding the donation link to all flyers.

Old News: Musical budget $2500, Mr. King is requesting $4400.  Unanimous vote approved additional $1500.

New Business:  Executive Board is in need of volunteers for next school yar.

Next Booster Meeting:   May 18th 6:30

Called to Adjourn:   8:24        

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