4/6/2020 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to Order:  4/6/2020 6:42 PM by Nicole.   Meeting hosted on Google Meet due to COVID-19 stay-at-home order.  Lori volunteered to capture notes in Barbara’s absence.

Prior Meeting Minutes Approved:  Not yet distributed or posted to website.

Attendance:   Nathan King, Nicole Andrews, Christine Housour, Violeta Paunov, Tina DiVarco, Mary Ellen Graf, Ronnie Bakir, Lori Kent

President’s Report:  

  • Nicole completed State paperwork and we are now back in good standing. 
  • She asked opinion on doing paperwork to get the hard copy for official document stating 5013c status for us to have hard copy.  She has ‘unofficial’ information from the State website showing we are 501c3 in good standing.   All agreed we should pay the $7-8 fee to obtain the official document to keep with our records.

Faculty Report: 

  • Matilda cancelled due to COVID-19 school closings.  Staff considered ‘concert only’ replacement, but directive from D87 was all events in April were to be cancelled and not rescheduled.
  • Matilda and One Night Only ticket purchases that were made with credit cards were refunded.  Email sent to those purchased via check to determine if refund or donation to Fine Arts department was desired.  Cash purchase refunds must wait until school is open again. Donations made on ticket site was minimal – approximately $70. 
  • Mr. King reported most of expenses thus far for his department spent on musical will be recouped.  Most purchases for the performance were not yet made, so timing of decision was favorable for financials. 
  • One Night Only – original date Fri 3/13 was cancelled on Thu 3/12, due to state-wide COVID-19 restrictions on public gatherings more than 250 peope.  Current situation:  we still hope to have a scaled down version of performance in some format, however dinner portion will be eliminated.  With COVID-19’s ongoing impact to all of us, it is not a good idea to serve food at this time during heightened caution of spreading the coronovirus.  ONO tickets will be resold at a lower ‘show only’ price if school functions resume.
  • 2020-2021 performances will be selected per normal.  Matilda the Musical will not be pushed to the next year, as it is important to consider feelings of those that planned to be a part of the canceled Spring 2020 Matilda and would not be able to be included if it were rescheduled to another year.
  • THS Banquet – we are still planning to have banquet.  Caterer is able to provide food. 
  • Scholarships – Plan A – possibly do at the Theatre Banquet, if it occurs.   Plan B – do google meeting inviting theatre students and parents, if THS Banquet is cancelled due to extended school closing/e-learning beyond current end date of Apr 30th.
  • Scholarship Name plates for the Plaque were ordered by Mr. King, and he has donated the fee for them.

Treasurer’s Report:   


  • $20 total from Child actor parents from Matlida – 2 new memberships
  • $10 USB purchase
  • $525 for One Night Only Dinner Donations collected.  These will be offered


  • $44 Secretary of State fee reimbursement to Nicole
  • Funds are ready for scholarships – $500 each


  • Pizzeria di Maria take-out only fundraiser – Tina moved original date Mar 27th to Apr 9th, this Thursday.  She expressed concern of participants taking unnecessary risk to support fundraiser during critical period of COVID-19 stay-at-home restrictions.  Mr.  King pointed out Booster budget will have surplus due to no Matilda expenditures.    Everyone agreed to push it to either second week of May or after or cancel it completely.  Nicole suggested Tina choose one of those two options.


  • Matilda Brunch cancelled.
  • No additional concession candy was purchased.


  • Scholarship winners have been determined.
  • Scholarships Plan A – possibly do at the Theatre Banquet, if it occurs.   Plan B – do google meeting inviting theatre students and parents, if THS Banquet is unable to be held to due extended COVID-19 restrictions on school closing/functions.


  • Two regular members added to the Google drive Membership spreadsheet

Web Page:  

  • No update

Old News:

  • None

New Business:  

  • One Night Only – Lori will send out correspondence to ‘Dinner Donation’ contributors asking if refund or GBN Theatre Booster donation is desired.  She will provide Violeta list of those who request refund checks sent to them.  It was decided it is best to do refunds in check form rather than cash, to provide proper audit trail.
  • New Proposed Board for 2020-2021 below was confirmed and will be posted on website and voted on in May

President – Mary Ellen Graf

VP – open

Treasurer – Violeta Paunov

Secretary – open

Fundraising – Tina DiVarco

Membership – Christine Housour

Brunch/Concessions – Veronica (Ronnie) Bakir

Website – open

Next Booster Meeting:   

Mon., May 18th @ 6:30pm. 

Called to Adjourn:                   7:17pm

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