9/3/20 Meeting Minutes

Glenbard North Theatre Boosters Meeting – September 3, 2020

Present: Tina DiVarco, Nathan King, Christine Housour, Violeta Paunov, Ronnie Bakir, Elizabeth & Carlos Sanchez, Mary Ellen Graf

President Report – Mary Ellen

  • Motion to approve May 19, 2020 minutes by Christine, seconded by Tina, approved as presented.
  • Open positions – Vice President, Secretary, Webmaster – will continue to look for parents to fill these positions. Violeta will talk to Brian about accessing the website. 
  • Mary Ellen talked about the group staying active and positive in spite of the pandemic.

Faculty Report – Mr. King

There are considerably fewer students in the theatre program this year. Usually there are 95-100; this year there are about 60. Approximately 20 students auditioned for the movie – all received parts. There will be no live performances until we enter Phase 5. Students will be working on producing a movie. Most of the work will be in the editing, so recording will be done as quickly as possible. There will be four streamed performances.

Treasurer Report – Violeta  

Proposed budget:

Glenbard North Theatre Boosters 

2020-2021 Budget


Membership $1200.00


( Family dinner nights, misc.) $1,300.00

Concessions     $500.00

50-50 Raffle $    500.00

Flash drives $    200.00

Cash box $      50.00

Estimated Total: $3,750.00


Scholarship $1,000.00

Scholarship engraving $     25.00

Concessions $   200.00

50-50 Raffle $     50.00

Secretary of State $     25.00

Cash Box $     50.00

Play/Musical Support           $2,357.08

Estimated Total: $3,707.08

Will make some adjustments to the budget, likely to Concessions and 50-50 Raffle. Scholarship and Play/Musical Support will remain the same. The possibility of a 50-50 raffle linked to Venmo or something similar, or just a vehicle for people to make donations, was discussed. We can only live stream the movie, not Vimeo it. We cannot sell DVDs of the movie.

Violeta will ask Brian if there have been any donations made via the website. 

The cost is $96.00 to renew the website, which is the same as last year.

Committee Reports

  • Membership – Christine
  • Some ideas to promote premier membership: Free tickets to one performance, names in movie credits. A playbill will be created, so names can be printed in there, too.
  • An email will be sent to all parents in the Fall 2020 database.
  • Parents of seniors need to be members by January 1st in order for child to apply for scholarship.
  • Memberships can be returned to school, to Christine’s house, to Violeta’s house.
  • Fundraising – Tina
    • We will continue with dinners – Pizzeria di Maria, other suggestions were Culvers and Dairy Queen.
    • Apparel.com – glenbard-north-theatre-apparel 
  • Brunch/Concessions – Ronnie – At this point, we are not looking at any brunches. If we do a live screening, we may be able to do concessions.
  • Scholarship
    •  Money has been budgeted for two $500 scholarships for 2021 graduating seniors.
  • Webmaster
    • Need to update website. Violeta will check in with Brian.

Our next meeting is October 19th.

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