10/19/20 Meeting Minutes

Glenbard North Theatre Boosters Meeting – October 19, 2020

Present: Nathan King, Mary Ellen Graf

President Report – Mary Ellen

  • Approved September 3, 2020 minutes.
  • Open positions – Vice President, Secretary, Webmaster – will continue to look for parents to fill these positions. For now, Mary Ellen will act as Secretary and Webmaster.
  • Tax exempt certificate renewal – Mary Ellen is compiling documents and will apply for renewal on October 20th
  • Booster’s “commercial” – credits with list of Premier Members, include QRC to membership page on website so people can join online on night of performance – is Paypal set up to accept their payments?

Faculty Report – Mr. King

  • Will try to maintain original screening dates
  • Winter play will be remote – 10 Ways to Survive a Pandemic
  • No live performances until we reach IDPH Phase 5
  • Need to know by February where we are at in order to determine status of spring musical – if we’re not there, may do a virtual musically-centered, cabaret type performance

Treasurer Report – Violeta  

  • So far we have 6 members total – $510 deposited
  • Check will be mailed next week to Ruby Lowe for the first and second installment of the musical/ theatre support provided.
  • Will arrange with Mary Ellen and Christine to collect the additional memberships

Committee Reports

  • Membership – Christine
    • Updated spreadsheet with the few memberships we have received.
    • Emails were sent out to all theater parents with the membership form attached, hopefully they will start coming into the school.
  • Fundraising – Tina
    • If we have a fundraiser coming up after the film performance, we can include an ad that will alternate with membership/credits in the movie.
  • Brunch/Concessions – Ronnie
  • Scholarship
    • Want to encourage senior parents memberships so their children can apply for scholarship.
  • Webmaster
    • Need to update website. Mary Ellen will work on this after getting tax exempt certificate applied for.

Next meeting: December 7th.

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