1/25/21 Meeting Minutes

Glenbard North Theatre Boosters Meeting – January 25, 2021

Present: Nathan King, Mary Ellen Graf, Christine Housour, Violeta Paunova, Tina DiVarco 

President Report – Mary Ellen

  • Approved December 7, 2020 minutes. Motion made by Christine, seconded by Violeta. Unanimously passed
  • Open positions – Vice President, Secretary, Webmaster – will continue to look for parents to fill these positions. Mary Ellen acting as Secretary and Webmaster.
  • Tax exempt certificate renewal – allow for 90 days to receive certificate – has not been received yet
  • Two commercials for production – one promoting Boosters and one promoting Chipotle fundraiser

Faculty Report – Mr. King

  • Kids are having fun with 10 Ways play. Everything is on schedule. Kids are less stressed than with last production.
  • Decision was made to cancel musical. Will host a virtual variety show April/May weekend. Audition will be a rough version of what kids want to do. 
  • Administration is meeting with various groups regarding groups meeting in person. 

Treasurer Report – Violeta  

  • Ending balance: $9,268.49

Committee Reports

  • Membership – Christine
    • 2 more memberships, so essentially 11 memberships
    • Mary Ellen will check website for additional memberships
  • Fundraising – Tina
    • February 20th (Saturday night of show) – Chipotle – 33%
    • Mod Pizza – $130 profit
  • Brunch/Concessions – Ronnie
  • Scholarship
    • Due date – March 1st
  • Webmaster
    • Mary Ellen will make some updates – add fundraiser, information on February production
    • Maybe we should call this something other than Webmaster – might be less intimidating
    • Maybe someone could also update Facebook (Glenbard Fine Arts)

Next meeting: March 1, 2021 – 6:30 PM

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