8/23/21 Booster Board Meeting Minutes

Glenbard North Theatre Boosters Meeting – April 23, 2021 (Following Parent Information Meeting)

Present: Mary Ellen Graf, Christine Housour, Violeta Paunova, Nathan King, Ronnie Bakir, theatre parents

President Report – Mary Ellen

  • Welcomed parents
  • Asked board members to introduce themselves and talk a little about what they do in their role
  • Described open positions – Vice President, Secretary, Fundraising

Faculty Report – Mr. King

  • Mr. Lopez resigned, so Mr. King will be getting a new assistant
  • Submitting Silent Sky to the Illinois Theatre Festival. Costs will be higher  – bus will be 1 student/entire bus seat, hotel will be 1 student/room. School would help defray costs. Could take GBN buses instead of a bus liner.
  • Will be using Ruby again.
  • Carwash has been approved for September 11th. Tickets from Nicole, Mr. King will put online. Tickets sell for $5 each.
  • Can do brunch. Boosters would wear mask and gloves and serve students.Use cafeteria, which has sneeze guards.

Treasurer Report – Violeta  

  • Preliminary budget estimating $5,450.00 in income from membership, fundraising, concessions, 50/50 raffle, flash drives, and cash box. Expenses estimated at $5,325.00 – scholarships, concessions, 50/50 raffle, Secretary of State, cash box, play/musical support.
  • Chris Henry will be Treasurer next year. Violeta and Mary Ellen will make arrangements with BMO Bank to remove Violeta’s name and add Chris’s.

Committee Reports

  • Membership – Christine
    • Has membership forms.
    • Will also have membership sign-up available on website, like last year.
  • Fundraising – 
    • Can do carwash. Will purchase pizza for students. Mr. King will be present.
    • Need Fundraising Chair.
    • Will continue to do restaurant fundraisers.
  • Brunch/Concessions – Ronnie
    • Candy donated from a student’s parent to be used for concessions.
  • Scholarships – Christine
    • No report.
  • Website Maintenance Technician
    • Mr. King will ask his new assistant to work on website.

Next meeting: October 18, 2021 – 6:30 PM – Room 1417

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