10/18/21 Booster Board Meeting Minutes

Glenbard North Theatre Boosters Meeting – October 18, 2021 – Meeting began at 6:34 PM and ended at 7:20 PM

Present: Mary Ellen Graf, Christine Housour, Violeta Paunova, Nathan King, Ronnie Bakir, Chris Henry, Kristi Hill

President Report – Mary Ellen

  • Minutes of August 23, 2021 approved – motion made by Christine, seconded by Ronnie, unanimously passed
  • 50/50 raffle permit has been applied for – Village should be acting on it at their October 18th board meeting
  • Open positions – Vice President, Secretary, Website Technician: Once Mr. King’s new/former administrative assistant gets up to speed, can turn those duties over to her

Faculty Report – Mr. King

  • Lots of kids are showing up for crew.
  • Jill Moy is Mr. King’s new/former administrative assistant. 
  • Ruby cannot continue to work for us, so we will be paying her ¼ of what was budgeted. We need an invoice for her.
  • Theatre Fest costs – if play is accepted, school will reimburse money. 24 students and 5 staff members have signed up so far. Bus cost is $3,828; student registration of $55/student – total $215; hotel – $5,542, IL – $105, donate – $100. Total $9,970 includes admission. 
    • No food included – hotel serves breakfast, lunch and dinner on their own. Cost is $407/student. If we bring a show, cost will be reduced to $287/student. (3 years ago was $270)
    • Christine moved and Ronnie seconded that the Boosters make an initial donation of $3,000 for Theatre Fest costs.

Treasurer Report – Chris and Violeta  

  • Chris presented Treasurer’s Report for August, September, and October.
  • Beginning balance: $7,761.34. Ending balance: $10,478.64.
  • Carwash made $1,827.00, plus $84.00 of money found at the carwash and not claimed; expense of $99.50 for pizza

Committee Reports

  • Membership – Christine
    • 25 members – 9 premier members
    • Will send out another burst
    • Mary Ellen will check website for registrations.
  • Fundraising – Kristi Hill
    • Mr. King working on Bowl-a-thon.
    • Kristi will look at restaurants and get a fundraiser together for November.
    • Will check with Music Boosters so we don’t overlap.
    • Will include Karen Nielson, Peg Mannion, Mr. King, and Mary Ellen Graf on emails re: fundraisers so we can publicize
  • Brunch/Concessions – Ronnie
    • The next brunch is Saturday, November 6th.
    • Fall Studio concessions made $177.00.
  • Scholarships – Christine Torres
    • Not present.
  • Website 
    • Mr. King’s new assistant, Jill Moy, can eventually be trained on website.
    • For now, Mary Ellen will keep up to date and keep checking for registrations.

Next meeting: December 6, 2021 – 6:30 PM – Room 1417

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